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Birhan Keskin, Tül Akbal Süalp Özen Yula, Eksik Kitap Tuhaf Defter / Wanting Book Odd Notebook  (fiction);  (İngilizce Fransızca ve Türkçe) Self01 Projesi, Mental Klinik & Production Musée d’Art Moderne Grand –Duc Jean Mudam Camp de Base, Luxembourg, 2004.


Editör: İçindekiler, (İngilizce Fransızca ve Türkçe) Self01 Projesi, Mental Klinik & Production Musée d’Art Moderne Grand –Duc Jean Mudam Camp de Base, Luxembourg, 2004.


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Presented Papers 


 “A Space For a Dialogue”, Cultural Studies Symposium: Popular Cultur(es), Ege Üniversitesi, İzmir, 13- 15 May 1998.


“Outsider at the doorsteps, in the circles and with the face of fear”, ‘Outsider Project’ Conferences 21st-23rd May, The British Culture and Istanbul Bilgi University, 1998.


 “Filmnoir Cities: Lost in space and time, yet surviving”, 3rd International Crossroads Conference in Cultural Studies, Birmingham, 24th June, 2000.


 “The first, second, third, and the fourth look or the lost look on the doorsteps, windowsills, alleys and the highways and recovering the third space on the crossroads”, 4th International Crossroads Conference in Cultural Studies, Tampere, Finland,  June, 2002.


 “Sinemada Başka Kentler”, Kentte Sinema – Sinemada Kent Etkinliği (Marmara Üniversitesi Film Radyo TV Bölümü, İstanbul Fransız Enstitüsü, İstanbul Fransız Anadolu Araştırmaları Enstitüsü İşbirliği ile 2- 3 Ekim 2003),  3 Ekim 2003.


 “The out- of – Focus, Vacuumed and Sealed Image Subjects of City: Are they looking for off- screen spaces for cognitive maps”, 9th International Cultural Studies Symposium: [City in (Culture] in City), May 5- 7, 2004


 "Days of Streets, Night Navigations and Dreams or not: Focus in, focus out, and off-screen spaces from the new arrivals”, Cinema in Europe: Networks in Progress, ASCA Conference, University of Amsterdam, June 22- 26, 2005.

  "Vacuumed and sealed image subjects of city and scenes from alleys” Visualising the City Symposium, University of Manchester June 27- 28, 2005.

“The Real Is Far Beyond The Giant Mountain In The Land Of The Inferential Past Tense”/ “Mişli Geçmişin Ülkesinde Kaf Dağının Ardında: “Gerçek” New Directions In Turkish Film Studies Conference IX : Cinema and Reality‏”? Kadir Has University, May 2- 4 2008.


“Usual Suspects And Unusual Upcomıngs In Current Turkıish Cinema”, Akbank Sanat,panel discussion Panelists: Prof. Dr. Tül Akbal (Film Critic-Bahçeşehir Üniv.), Engin Ertan (Film Critic), Dan Fainaru (ScreenDaily), Rüdiger Suchsland (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) Moderatör: Fatih Özgüven Akbank Sanat, April 15  2009.


 “Cinema Of Thresholds Without Gravıty Under Urgent Times:  Distant Voices, Still Lives” 2011 Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference SCMS New Orleans, LA March 10-13, 2011.


“While working class produce the knowledge of their experiences…” the Politics-Workers-Inquiry Conference University of Essex, Thursday May 2nd, 2013


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